Welcome to Girl About Town! We are a team of fashion professionals with a passion for women’s apparel. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of products with the latest fashion trends!

The concept of Girl About Town started while on a sojourn in the fashion capital of Paris. After two weeks of total emersion in the French way of life surrounded by high-end designers and pretty girls in dresses, Girl About Town was born. We spent our days dining in an outdoor café with a beret and pashmina, then strolling through Le Champs Elysees in a floral sundress and ending the night in a romantic moonlit restaurant with an elegant gown. However, our expedition did not end in France, we followed this dream to London; the city of the classic trench coat and above the knee boots for the somber weather of London.

We put together a boutique store that combines the fashion trends of the fashion capitals of the world and offers a wide range of clothing from party dresses to occasion wear. Lets makes this dream a reality! Happy Shopping! xoxo


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